Over the years when we see growing demand for flooring, you may have heard a few hearing about parquet flooring. The parquet flooring is made of square pieces of wood in a geometric design. Parquet floors offer various design options. There are various types including laminate, bamboo parquet, multilayer, solid parquet, lamparket, mosaic, and more. So which one do you think is a better option for you?

Some exclusive benefits of installing parquet flooring

A parquet floor has many benefits. It is easy to clean and resistant to spills and stains. It has environmental advantages over the carpet and synthetic floor systems. These are easy to maintain. If the floor starts to show signs of damage, the exterior can be repaired by light regrinding and overcoating with varnish. Parquets are rather laid directly on the concrete basement. There is a high demand for prefabricated parquets. Beech is the most popular type of wood that is used and preferred over oak. Prefabricated parquets are now available with a pre-oiled, waxed, or finished surface. Product developers strive for the simplest possible surface care and the greatest possible scratch resistance. Consumers often demand lighter colors. Strip flooring is the laying method recommended by the manufacturer.

In the beginning, parquets were made of carved wood, which was glued to square blocks. This type of floor is extremely sensitive to moisture and swells and crumbles when exposed to moisture. Today, parquet floors are made of plywood or hardwood and have a laminated finish. This floor is not moisture-resistant and can even be installed at the basement level. Parquet floors have seen a recovery in the market. With the growing health and environmental awareness, more and more customers are switching to parquet.

What kind of flooring are you looking for?

If you want some peace in your life, it is always better to install parquet flooring in both your commercial and residential property. Obviously, it has become challenging to decide on which floor solution is the best. But if you are sensitive about it, it is always better to get expert advice!

If you are concerned about where can you get the better option for parquet flooring, stay stress-free as there are many of them. Either if it is about looks or if it is about usefulness, such a sensational option for flooring with multiple types is the best option.

Enjoy the flooring that carries both traditional and modern touch!