When choosing an armored vehicle, two common choices are presented to you – Sedans and SUVs. Choosing among these requires considering practicality, appearance, and the most important aspect – your personal preference. In this exercise, here are some compelling reasons why an armored Sedan might be the most suitable option for you, even above the traditional armored SUV: 

Discreet Appearance 

An armored sedan is first and foremost, discreet. Sedans naturally blend into various environments, making them less conspicuous than their larger SUV counterparts. In this sense, armored sedans are preferred by individuals who value anonymity and wish to avoid any unwanted attention. The discreet appearance of such vehicles is perfect in diplomatic missions, protecting at-risk targets, and even simple commutes. 

Urban-First Approach 

In any urban area, maneuverability and parking space are at a premium. In such a space, an armored sedan proves to be a comparatively practical choice, above an SUV. Sedans offer a more streamlined and nimble design, making them well-suited for navigating through crowded city streets and tight parking spaces. The urban-first approach of armored sedans aligns with the demands of city living, ensuring that security doesn’t come at the cost of convenience.

Sustainability in Terms of Fuel Efficiency 

Armored sedans often exhibit better fuel efficiency compared to their larger SUV counterparts. The sedan’s more aerodynamic design and lighter weight contribute to reduced fuel consumption, making it a sustainable choice for those who value environmental considerations. This factor is particularly relevant for individuals with extensive travel requirements, such as business executives or diplomats, who can benefit from the extended range and reduced environmental impact that comes with a more fuel-efficient armored sedan.

Overall Cost Effectiveness 

Choosing an armored sedan over an SUV can offer cost advantages in terms of both initial purchase price and long-term ownership costs. Sedans generally come at a lower price point than their SUV counterparts, allowing you to achieve the desired level of protection without stretching budgets. Additionally, the potential for lower maintenance and fuel costs contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of armored sedans.

Beyond any practical pros and cons that armored sedans and SUVs share, the true choice boils down to personal preference. You might be a person who simply prefers the sleek, sophisticated aesthetic of a sedan over the more imposing presence of an SUV. Personal taste and style play a significant role in the decision-making process. If you place a premium on the elegance of a sedan, choosing an armored sedan is the most logical step forward. No matter what, choose wisely and opt for an armored vehicle above all else.