A pergola is one of the best pieces of furniture you can add to your gardens or backyards. It makes your outdoor living space visually appealing while providing enough shade and maintaining your privacy levels. This outdoor structure can seriously enhance your property’s value. However, choosing the right pergola that fulfills your requirements can be a bit challenging. If you want something perfect for your backyard, custom made pergola is what you should consider.

In this blog, we’ll discuss several factors to consider when choosing a custom-made pergola.

  • Decide On Materials

The biggest consideration when planning to have a custom-made pergola is what material you want this structure made from. Nowadays, wood is the most common material used but it’s not just the only option. Wooden pergolas require regular upkeep and maintenance. Also, they are susceptible to insects and moisture.

A vinyl pergola is a good option for homeowners as they don’t change their appearance over time, unlike wooden pergolas. Also, they don’t require special treatment. So, if you are customizing your pergola, always keep vinyl on top of your considerations.

Whatever you choose, be it wood or vinyl, make sure it best suits your outdoor living space.

  • Size

The size of the custom made pergola is another important factor to consider. Bigger pergolas offer more shade and privacy. But you should also consider the shape and size of the yard where you are going to install this structure.

  • Location

As stated above, you’ll also want to think about the location where you want your pergola to be installed. Would you like to make it an entertainment zone? Would you like to add it next to the pool? Think first before ordering a custom made pergola. If you want this structure to be placed in the center of your garden, you may want to decorate it with accessories to enhance its look.

  • Design

Well, choosing the design for a custom made pergola ultimately comes down to your preferences. Some people want to have a simple pergola that offers enough shade. While others would like to have a pergola with modern features to entertain the guests as well as to complement their garden. With customization, you can opt for any of them.

  • Choose A Roof

Customization allows you a lot of roofing options to choose from. Will a simple, flat roof suit your outdoor space? Perhaps something more decorative will add the vibe to your yard you are looking for. Maybe you love the open-roof style of your pergola. You’ll have complete control to choose any roof style.

  • Consider Lighting Factor

Once you’ve done with all, the last thing you should consider for a custom made pergola is lighting. To make this piece of furniture usable at night, you should add enough lights to your pergola. Just imagine family lunches and dinner parties held in this space. It will be an ideal place to enjoy, no matter the weather while adding significant value to your property.