You were injured at work and need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Hopefully, you haven’t ignored your recovery and sought medical care without delay. You have probably informed your employer and are now wondering what to do next. The good news is most law firms in Arizona that take up workers’ compensation cases will be happy to review your case for free. You can click here to know more. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, here is a guide that may come in handy.

  1. Start with a meeting. If an attorney is serious about taking up a new case, there will be no delay in response. Yes, workers’ compensation lawyers in cities like Phoenix are always busy, but they usually have a team that takes care of new clients and all communication work. You should be able to get a meeting with the lawyer to discuss the case.
  2. Look for local experience. In the ideal world, an injured worker wouldn’t have to deal with complications to get workers’ compensation benefits. However, the system works differently in many cases, and it is important to find a local lawyer who is based in your city. That will ensure you have easy access to the attorney, who is well-versed in how things work.
  3. Check the success rate. When you meet an attorney, consider the kind of experience they have with workers’ compensation matters in particular. What is their success rate? How often have they managed to turn things around for their clients at appeals? What is their experience with dispositions? As a client, you can ask as many questions as you want.
  4. Find more through reviews. Online reviews are quite handy for sorting local workers’ compensation lawyers. Check if a lawyer or law firm has a credible client profile and whether they have good reviews on social media handles. You can also ask for references and get details of their top cases.
  5. Ask about fees and expenses. There is usually a cap on what an attorney can charge for fighting a workers’ compensation claim. Ensure that you are aware of their fees, even though your lawyer cannot demand anything until you get the due benefits. You should ask the lawyer about other case expenses and how you intend to deal with everything.

Finally, be prepared and ensure that you share everything with your attorney in detail.