Do you get disappointed every time you order sneakers online for your exercise? Well, there are a few considerations you need to make before purchasing. You need properly fitting shoes for your training because they enhance your performance and prevent falls and injuries.

Here are important tips on choosing a sneaker that will perfectly fit you.

  • Purchasing shoes from Jordan Apparel is recommended as they can offer valuable input on the type of shoe you need for your sport and help with proper fitting.
  • Try shoes after working out or after a long day. That’s when your feet are largest. Fit the shoe to your larger foot and wear the same sock you would use for that sport.
  • Re-lace the shoes, beginning at the farthest eyelets and applying even pressure to form a criss cross lacing pattern up to the top of the shoe.
  • Check the fit by wiggling your toes and ensuring you can fit one thumb between the longest toe and the end of your shoe’s toe box. The shoes should be comfortable immediately.
  • Take a few steps in the sneakers to ensure they’re comfortable, and check that there’s a firm grip on your heel and no slipping occurs.
  • Consider sport-specific shoes if you engage in a sport frequently.
  • Change sports shoes regularly. After running for  300-500 miles or  working out for 300 hours, the cushioning material in a sneaker is typically worn down, indicating it’s time to replace the shoes.

Types of Sports Shoes

There are different designs and types of sports shoes. Their difference helps protect your shoes where they are most stressed during exercise. Let sneakers type and how you can easily know one.

Running Athletic Shoe

There is no conclusive evidence on whether a running shoe with ample cushioning or a minimalist shoe is better. However, if you prefer a cushioned shoe, look for shock absorption, flexibility, and stability in the heel counter area. A lightweight shoe with good traction is beneficial in preventing overuse injuries such as tendinitis, heel pain, shin splints, and stress fractures.

Tennis Shoes

As a Tennis player, you need a sneaker from Jordan apparel that supports your foot during quick side-to-side runs or shifts in weight. So when playing tennis, look for shoes that provide your foot with stability inside and outside. Flexibility in the sole underneath the ball of the foot helps you to have repeated, quick movements for a fast reaction. On softer courts, wear soft-soled sneakers that allow better traction. On harder courts, you must get a sole with great tread.


Having a different pair of sneakers from Jordan apparel for every sport you play is unnecessary. Sport-specific shoes are recommended if you engage in a sport frequently, say more than three times a week.

If you have a certain foot or ankle problem, you may require a special shoe that will help you in your condition. For instance, a shoe with a wider heel may be necessary if you tend to turn your ankles. Similarly, a sneaker with excellent shock absorption may help if you suffer from shin splints.