One of the things that people keep in their post-retirement wishlist is travelling. But we forget that travelling as a young adult differs significantly from older adults. Health concerns can detrack a senior citizen’s plan.

The question that arises here is, is there a way to make your trip more secure? Yes, travel medical insurance is a necessity for senior citizens.

Compared to young adults, senior citizens have higher chances of existing medical conditions and health risks. Therefore, their unique needs should be addressed in domestic and international travel insurance plans.

Travel insurance companies have a wide range of plans, from student travel insurance to family travel insurance cover.

This blog will walk you through the need for travel insurance for senior citizens and how to choose travel Insurance in India.

Why Is Travel Insurance For Senior Citizens Important?

  • People in their old age are more prone to health risks. Most elderly travellers either have pre-existing health conditions or travel-associated risks. In an emergency in a foreign land, getting medical care could be expensive if you do not have travel insurance.
  • The travel insurance plan for senior citizens is carefully crafted, seeing their specific needs. For example, if a person has a pre-existing heart condition, then the insurance plan will consider that.
  • Further, there is always a risk of unwanted threats such as baggage loss, theft, accidents, etc. A lot of these incidents are covered under the insurance plan, from high flight cancellation expenses to trip cancellation/interruption. Therefore, travel insurance for senior citizens will make elderly travellers self-reliant in foreign locations.

Factors To Consider While Buying Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Getting a travel insurance plan for senior citizens is not a compulsion, but it will save them from a lot of trouble they might face in foreign lands. However, finding the best travel insurance plan for older adults can take time and effort.

But if you consider certain factors while buying senior citizen travel insurance, you will land with the right insurance provider.

  • Policy Age Limits

Most insurance companies do not offer travel insurance plans to individuals over 70.  Considering this, always choose the travel insurance policy with higher age limits.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage

Another point to ponder while buying travel medical insurance is whether the policy covers pre-existing medical conditions. Having a standard insurance plan won’t be suitable for existing medical conditions. Even if the plan is expensive, go with an insurance provider that covers your existing condition.

  •  Medical Evacuation

Health is one of the biggest concerns of older adults. No matter how much the medical insurance covers, ensure the plan has a medical evacuation feature in case things head south. In the case of an emergency, it is helpful if the insurance provider will bear all the evacuation expenses as it can be costly.

  • Travel Assistance

An international trip can be challenging for anyone with cultural and language barriers. Older adults are no different; they require urgent or guided attention in an emergency. Ensure that the travel insurance plan offers travel assistance in any emergency.

  • Trip Cancellation  

Planning a trip is expensive with many advanced bookings such as hotels, flights, etc. However, older adults’ plans may flip in seconds, seeing their health conditions. So, in case of any emergency that leads to trip cancellation, ensure that the insurance company incurs the related expenses.

  • Baggage Loss

Tourists are soft targets for thieves in foreign nations, and if the tourist is a senior citizen, the risk is often high. Most older adults carry their essentials and medicines with them all the time, so if the baggage gets snatched or stolen, it can affect their routine. So be sure to buy travel insurance that incurs baggage loss.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for Seniors?

The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of policy and coverage you need. It varies from person to person. The travel insurance cost for senior citizens is decided based on the destination they are visiting and the coverage they might need. It is always better to use a travel insurance calculator to check the premium of your policy before buying.


Most of us work all our lives to enjoy our retirement. So age should not be the factor that affects travel plans. No matter the nature of your travel, either meeting your family members or simply touring through different parts of the world, having a travel insurance plan is the smartest choice. It ensures the plan will stay on track due to unforeseen circumstances.

Also, buy a travel insurance plan for senior citizens from a reputable company that offers comprehensive coverage.