Nowadays with the advancement in technology, our life is fully impacted by computers. Starting from education to business in every field, computers are used for storing data, access, manipulate, hardware devices and software applications. Even our daily life routine is based on online services and products. 

What if your computer is slow?

However, these days if you ask about their PC-related problem, they will say my computer is slow. If you are having such kind of issue with your computer, we have listed out the best solutions in this post. If it is still not working, you will need to take help from professional computer service provider. They can help you with repairs, software installation, home system setup, business networking, etc.

Various problems that can slow down the computer

Computer slowing down can be a big problem for you if most of the works is happening online. However, there are several reasons which can cause your computer to work slowly. So, let’s discuss them and how to deal with those problems:

  • Having too many start-up programs:

Too many start-up programs can take a large space in your system and became a massive drag in the case of your computer’s speed. When you start your computer several programs are seeking permission to use it which took time in case you are not using a new computer it will slow down it.

You can deal with the problem by making changes in the computer’s start-up log mostly done by the IT experts. Also, you can delete or disable the unwanted programs and can operate those programs that are important to you.

  • Opening of too many programs or browser tab:

Many times, we do multiple activities at a single time, opening a lot of programs and browser tabs. However, sometimes our computer’s memory and processing speed became unable to cope with the switching of different programs. This will gradually slow down your computer. 

To avoid such issues, try to shut down or close the programs that you are not using currently and work with the single program until you finish it if it is possible. However, if still want to use multiple programs at a time you can use the handy bookmark option provided in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Hard drive or memory could be overloaded:

Generally, our hard drive or memory starts getting affected when it reaches its capacity of storage up to 85 percent which later put its bad impact on the computers speeding and efficiency. The main factors behind this are the application updates, temporary files, and internet downloads, etc.

To avoid such problems, you can delete the trash files. Additionally, transfer the big and bulky files to the cloud to free up space on your hard drive. If your computer needs any kind of hardware updates like increasing the RAM, you can take help of the hardware experts. 


As these issues related to the computer can have a great impact on your works, so always try to avoid them. In case you are still having such issues you can take help of the well-trusted computer services.