Business disputes are not uncommon in Henderson, with the top five being employee disputes, contract disputes, property damage, intellectual property disputes, and breach of contract. These types of disputes can be difficult to resolve because there are often many participants and several factors involved. With such a wide variety of options for resolving business conflicts, it’s important for businesses to hire a Henderson Business Disputes Attorney. An attorney will aid businesses in having a better chance of maintaining order and peace in their organizations over the long term.

We will now see into 5 of the most common types of business disputes in Henderson.

  • Business torts

Torts are civil wrongs that harm another person or entity. This can include any illegal or intentional act like assault, battery, defamation, fraud, emotional distress, and conversion. A tort claim can come from a variety of sources including the government, employers, or insurance companies. You can hire an attorney to represent you in order to resolve the dispute.

  • Employment disputes

Disputes between employers and employees are not uncommon. The most common reasons for disputes include bad faith termination, unpaid wages, discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. An attorney will help by providing legal advice on the best ways to resolve the dispute.

  • Contract disputes

Contracts are binding agreements between parties with the intent to create some measure of trust and equity. This means that parties have to be honest and make promises they can keep or honor their obligations under the contract. If a party does not comply with their obligations under the contract, then this will constitute a breach of contract.

  • Partnership disputes

When businesses and individuals join together to create a company, it is called a partnership. The partners are required to comply with the terms of the partnership agreement. They can also make decisions that affect other partners, who might not want them to do so. An attorney can help you resolve such disputes that arise between partners.

  • Disputes related to purchasing assets

When a new business purchases its assets, there is always a risk that the new company is going to have problems. This can include intellectual property rights and real estate. You can have an attorney help you in resolving any disputes that may arise between the new business and the seller of the assets.