A vacuum pump is one of the most essential machines needed to carry out various functions in an industry. We assume you are aware of its uses and advantages. By not having one in your company, you are lagging in your productivity and efficiency. Choosing the right pump is not a rocket science; you need to know a few basics followed by some research on vacuum pumps before finalizing one. Also check if the brand also offers something like LeDab Sasquash rosin press.

In this guide, we will help you with some of the most commonly asked questions in a vacuum pump…

10 things to ask buying a vacuum pump for your company:

  1. Compatibility: Check the compatibility with your operations. For instance, dry vacuum pumps are resistant to acids and corrosion; however, others may not.
  2. Desired lubricant: Vacuum pumps need regular oiling to run efficiently. Different types of vacuum pumps may need different levels of lubricants.
  3. Power capacity: How much power is needed to run the pump? Do you have the right system for power backup as well?
  4. Controls: Vacuum pumps are available in automatic and manual function. Check the type of controls you are looking for.
  5. Repair and maintenance cost: Considering the other expenses in business, take a look at the maintenance cost of these vacuum pumps. These machines need regular maintenance to function properly and so you need to have good funds aside for their regular maintenance.
  6. Operational time: How efficient is the vacuum in carrying out your business activity? Also ask the manufacturer about the evacuation time. Some pumps take longer time to process whereas some are efficient to deliver results in less time.
  7. Price: Check a few good brands that manufacture vacuum pumps and compare the cost of these. The cost should also involve installation and setup charges by the technician.
  8. Reviews: Reviews of the previous clients and companies who are using the pumps from that respective brand will also help you to consider the brand before finalizing it.
  9. Vacuum level: Take a look at the vacuum level. It is one of the essential questions to ask. Vacuum levels may vary as per the company requirement and type of pump you need. Also check additional features like LeDab Sasquash rosin press.
  10. Warranty: Last but, not the least, check with the manufacturer the warranty period on the pump. Reputed brands use high-quality components and products offering longer warranty.