Along with a couple’s decision to get divorced, there comes the issue regarding child custody. As the law offers both parents equal rights over the child, it is important to equip enough knowledge about the federal laws regarding child custody from a gig harbor custody attorney. This might help one to get access to their child if they feel to have been deprived of the right. 

Moreover, per the state’s law, a child can’t be deprived of meeting or spending time with any of the parents unless they pose a threat to the child. Therefore, it is important to get a clear understanding of all the things that must be avoided to prevent any legal complications and make it easy for the family to adapt to the change. 

If one has filed for a divorce and is fighting for child custody, one needs to avoid committing any of these mistakes:

Lack Of Communication With The Former Partner

It might be extremely difficult to maintain a stable communication connection with the ex-spouse, but this is essential in sharing custody. Lack of communication will lead to confusion and complications regarding the court case. 

Neglecting Court Orders

Violation of court orders regarding te custody case might impose serious legal implications for the parents. Consulting an attorney is the best decision if one has any issue with the court’s order rather than willfully disobeying the court’s order. Dealing with things legally will make the process more convenient.

Failure In The Child Support Payment

If one has been ordered by the court to pay child support, failure in doing so might bring legal threats and can be used by the court in turn. Due to some unprecedented circumstances, if one finds that a timely payment would not be possible, it would be best to reach out to the court beforehand along with an attorney.

Involvement In Legal Trouble

Parents involved in custody cases are subject to strict scrutiny by the court. Therefore it is advised to parents to remain on their best behaviour. Engagement in some legal trouble will allow the court to use it in the custody case against a parent and might bar them from getting a fair sharing of custody.

Final Thoughts

Above all, dealing with all the court proceedings single-handedly is the biggest mistake in a child custody case. Consulting an attorney will help one to navigate all the complex procedures and receive a fair judgement in sharing child custody.