The creator of Bitcoin is known as Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym, look on this website. The choice of pseudonym still arouses great curiosity in the crypto community. There are rumours that this name is not alone, but hides the group.

Briefly about the invention of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency. Founded in 2009, Bitcoin operates on a distributed database or blockchain-based blockchain technology, providing storage and transparency of information about all actions on the Bitcoin network. This is a decentralized network, where all transactions are done directly between users without an intermediary and there is no single administrative authority. Therefore, neither the government nor banks (public or private) can control the issuance or transaction of coins in this digital currency.  Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a counterpart to the traditional Fractional-Reserve Banking system, which itself is backed by debt. Such a standard scheme in the banking industry usually bursts like a soap bubble on the eve of a crisis. The government has been forced to save the situation, which leads to certain negative consequences. No need to sit idle and waste time when you have access to platform such as .

Bitcoin and how it works

You cannot touch Bitcoin. These are not banknotes or coins. Bitcoin also has little in common with e-commerce on bank cards. Bitcoin is digital money with its own rules for conducting non-violating transactions.

  • Bitcoin runs on the blockchain- This system is compared to a large book containing all the records of what happened to cryptocurrencies. And all Bitcoin owners have an independent but identical copy of this book.

All book entries are true and identical. Neither banks, governments, nor the creators of cryptocurrencies can tamper with these records. In other words, the blockchain does not have a single controller and the system is controlled by many participants. Mathematically calculated systems protect digital currencies from counterfeiting and hacking.

Bitcoin is generated by a network of miners who are either large corporations trading stock on the stock exchange or individuals mining at home.

Bitcoin is “born” thanks to the miner (“miner”). Mining is the process of using computer equipment to generate cryptocurrencies. Miners are rewarded for mining Bitcoin. Nuance

Bitcoin courses are not subject to banks or financial regulators. However, it cannot be accurately described as stable. The cost of this cryptocurrency can jump up and down (like many others).

Researchers have identified many reasons for the rapid popularity of Bitcoin. This includes market participants’ distrust of the global financial system and traditional currencies, the desire to hide transactions, and the user’s interest in e-commerce and payment technologies.

New wave of earning

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