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About Blackstone 

Blackstone is a company, which always wanted people to experience a good cooking option for a larger group of people. They came up with griddles so that every member of the family can cook outside and have fun together. It was in 2008, they launched a new product that is cornerstone 36” Blackstone Griddle. Since then, they have grown a lot in this product line and their amazing knowledge about griddles. 

Blackstone Original 28in Griddle with Hood

This 28in Griddle with a Hood has searing of about 34,000 BTUs heat feature. It is a perfect addition to your backyard cooking. Its size of 524 sq. inch is good for cooking for small as well as larger groups. This griddle is made in such a way that there is optimal distribution all around the surface, which means you get to do quality cooking all the time.

Price: £549.99

Product Description: This product allows you to cook all your favourite meals with ease. You got two independent cooking zones that you can use to your full potential. You can cook around 44 hot dogs all at the same time. The hood is there to prevent your griddle from the external elements and also will work like a basting dome to help steam and cook your foods evenly.

Special Features:

  • You got two independent cooking zones. 
  • Dual stainless H burners
  • Patented rear grease management system for a no-mess as well as easy to clean
  • Two counter height shelves in case you need an expanded cooking station.
  • Side shelves that can be removed or attached as per your choice and usage.

You can check the website:

  • Width: 134.62 cm
  • Depth: 64.262 cm
  • Weight: 39,044 cm
  • Burners: 2
  • Height: 93.98 cm

This is a pre-order for Jan 2023. 

BBQs 2u is giving you the option to order now and pay later for a 0% interest rate. 

You can pay in 3 i.e., you can pay in 3 months

There is a 2-year warranty with good after service customer support

They also provide free delivery services for goods all over the UK.

Along with these BBQs, 2u offers you different accessories that you might need while cooking on the griddle.

Blackstone Griddle Hood cover: This is to protect your griddle from damage or any harsh outdoor elements.

Blackstone 6 Piece Deluxe Griddle Kit: This is a 6-piece Spatula Griddle kit that you might need while cooking

Blackstone Breakfast kit: This will make it convenient to cook breakfast like a pro where you can save time in cleaning up and doing dishes.

Blackstone 3-in-1 Griddle Cleaning Tool: This will help clean up the surface by different methods like removing grease, any stuck-on food and any kind of build-up.