Open space has now become a favorite place to hangout since the pandemic. Therefore, it is no surprise that rooftop cafes in Jakarta are getting more and more popular. Enjoying a cup of coffee accompanied by the twilight sky of the capital can indeed be therapy in itself. Good news, now there are more and more rooftop cafes in Jakarta that you can visit. Here are 7 of the most recommended rooftop cafes.

  1. Langit Seduh

This Jakarta rooftop cafe offers the sensation of “coffee in the sky” with a metropolitan view. The place is quite large and is dominated by an open area. The decor is styled with tropical touches, and has a very relaxing atmosphere. Come in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful sunset view from this cafe.

  1. Rocketz Live Coffee

This Jakarta rooftop cafe joins the long list of culinary tours and hangout spots that you can visit in the Tebet area. This cafe is located on the top floor of The Nyaman Hotel. It is also equipped with a closed area that can be used in case of rain. The menu served here is also quite diverse from Indonesian food to Western. The light snacks and heavy meals such as fried rice and pasta are available for you to order and eat while enjoying the sunset.

  1. Upstairs Rooftop Cafe

If you are in the Bendungan hilir area, stopping by this rooftop cafe after work can be an option. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, you can enjoy the view of Jakarta office buildings from this cafe. Though it is obviously not the same, it may give you the vibes of the Jakarta version of the city view of New York City.

  1. Lucy in The Sky

If you are looking for a rooftop cafe in Jakarta that offers views of the capital’s skyscrapers, you can come to Lucy in The Sky. The location is in the center of the SCBD business district and is surrounded by high-rise buildings. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere changes with the sparkling lights from the skyscrapers around SCBD. Even better, the enclosed area also has a roof made of glass, so you can still feel the open atmosphere from inside the room.

  1. Magia Coffee

If you often ride the New York Subway, you should come to this rooftop cafe in Jakarta. Just look out the window when the MRT you are riding passes through Haji Nawi station. Then you will see a sign that says “SENYUM” (SMILE) that is part of the Magia Coffee’ hallmark.

This rooftop cafe is not too wide but consists of 4 floors, so it has enough capacity for seats. Each floor also has its specifications — for smoking, or a floor for workspace which has electric plug corners for those who want to enjoy coffee while working.

  1. Egghotel, Suites@Seven

This cafe is very popular among netizens. Not only does it offer a beautiful city view, but the food choices also vary enough. There are sweet menus such as French Toast to Western and Asian-style heavy food. You can enjoy office buildings in the Kuningan area from this cafe while hanging out here.

  1. Rooftop at Bulungan

The entrance to this Jakarta rooftop cafe is a bit hidden, you need to go through a small corridor between Optik Timur and After entering, all you have to do is take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee (or a heavy meal as well) while enjoying the bustling atmosphere of Blok M — one of the busiest districts in Jakarta, from a height. This rooftop cafe opens in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset here.

  1. Setengah 6 Kopi

Behind its unique name, this rooftop cafe in Jakarta is one of the favorite hangout spots for Jakartan young people. Although the place is not too wide, the rooftop area has been equipped with a stretch of artificial grass and several colorful tables to have a seat and relax. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the view of the twilight dimmed in the open air comfortably.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation. And it’s about making long-lasting memories in a different, unique place. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.