If you are in a marriage, the chances are that you might have experienced a few fights with your spouse. While arguments are completely normal in a marriage or any romantic relationship, effective communication is key to a lasting relationship. If you keep clashing but do not know how to resolve the issues, you will eventually lead your marriage to divorce. 

Bad communication can make you feel disconnected from your partner. When people feel disconnected, they feel frustrated and start jumping to conclusions. If bad communication has already led you to divorce, a contested divorce attorney in Huntsville can help you throughout the process. If you wish to fix your marriage, a few tips can help. 

Tips for better communication in a marriage 

  • Process your feelings first. 

The first mistake people make while communicating is not processing their feelings and lashing out at their partners. Learn first to process your emotions and calm yourself down before talking to your spouse. Try listening to some music or taking a walk so you can have a sound conversation instead of a full-blown fight. 

  • Model respectful listening. 

Lack of listening to your partner’s side of the story or explanation is why marriages fail today. When your spouse is trying to tell you something, hear them out. If they talk about something that upsets them, do not interrupt midway. If they explain why they did what they did, hear their side of the story. Good listeners tend to get listened to in return. 

  • Think about timing. 

Choosing the right time to talk to your partner about something that is bugging you can make all the difference. If something is bothering you, give your partner a heads up that you wish to sit and talk instead of suddenly throwing it in their face. This way, your partner is less likely to feel ambushed. 

  • Choose to be genuinely interested in what your spouse has to say. 

When your spouse is telling their side of the story or explaining something, genuinely listen instead of just sitting there and waiting for your turn to speak. Do not tune out when they speak, as it can make them feel disrespected. 

  • State your statements with “I.” 

When expressing their hurt feelings, one common mistake is directly pointing fingers at their spouse. Instead of saying, “You hurt me,” try saying, “I feel hurt that you always focus on your work.” This can make the sentence sound less accusatory and make all the difference. It also motivates your partner to actually put effort into correcting the wrongs. 

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