Living in an HOA is a good experience, at least for the most part. Nobody likes dealing with homeowners who keep breaking the rules despite being fully aware that their actions are prohibited. However, it is important to know how to properly deal with these kinds of people to maintain peace and quality in the community. 

If you find a homeowner constantly breaking the same or different rules, it is time you send them a violation letter. For any help regarding enforcement of rules or management of the community, you can reach out to scottsdale hoa management companies

Steps to write an effective HOA violation letter

  • Purpose of the letter. 

The first thing the receiver should see when they open the letter is its purpose. They should know what the letter is about from the first sentence. In the letter’s opening paragraph, make sure you tell them that they have violated an HOA law. Next, write about the exact law they have broken and a clear description of their actions. By this, the receiver should understand why they have got the letter. 

  • Evidence of violation. 

The next step is attaching evidence of the violation, as people usually do not agree to their mistakes unless they see proof. Attach photos or other forms of evidence to let the person know that they have been caught red-handed and that denying their mistake won’t solve anything. 

  • Request for changes. 

Tell the person how they can correct their mistake and give them a deadline to do so. Make sure you explain the solution in detail, so it is understandable. 

  • Hearing details. 

Some homeowners may wish to contest the violation allegation, and they have the right to do so as well. Include a section about a hearing in case they want to contest the letter. Here, explain what they can do to initiate a hearing. If you do not allow them a chance to speak or explain themselves, they may take legal action against you.

  • Send the letter. 

After you have covered the essential information, it is time to send the letter. Go through your governing documents and state laws once to understand the proper way of sending a violation letter. Usually, violation letters are sent by email, offline mail, or personally delivered. 

  • Warning letter. 

If they do not respond to the initial letter or make any changes to their actions, you can send another letter with stronger language. The first violation letter is usually sent in a friendly tone, but a warning letter may be more of what it is called- a warning. 

While the board has important roles to play in maintaining a peaceful community, the homeowners should also play their part. If not, scottsdale hoa management companies can help you send an effective letter and decide the best course of action.