The Arizer Extreme Q is the most popular desktop table vaporizer in the world, and for good reason. It’s amazing not only because it offers such excellent vapour quality as to compete with much more expensive herbal table vaporizer, but also because it does so at such an affordable price. The original purpose of this blog post was to review the Extreme Q but there are links here on how you can improve its performance with a few household items or by using some tricks. The Extreme Q is a great vaporizer for beginners because of its simple design and ease of use. The Extreme Q is also very good for experienced vapers because of its great performing vaporizer and its attractive price.

What is the make use of Arizer Extreme Q?

It is truly a compact and simple vaporizer designed for both on-the-go and vaper’s who are just starting. This is very similar to the Arizer Air in terms of its size, shape and function. The Extreme Q has a small yet efficient heating element that can heat up to 340W of power. With the Extreme Q, you get an excellent vapour experience at a very affordable price. The vaporizer is fully digital so you can easily set temperature and adjust the fan speed to suit your preference. This is around the same size as a small portable gaming console so you can take it with you wherever you go. This is also has a built-in fan for cooler vapour.

Additional features: Arizer Extreme Q

These are extremely durable and robust design. The all-new body has made from very durable plastic table vaporizer and it doesn’t look out of place in the home or office. The product is really sturdy and well built. You can’t break it by dropping it on the floor! You also get a 2-year warranty so it’s extremely safe to use since you know that your product will last for longer than your warranty would last anyway. An attractive feature about this vaporizer is that it does not need any batteries or chargers since it’s powered by the USB port on your computer/laptop/tablet etc. This is a dual-use table vaporizer so it works as the best vaporizer on the go and also a portable vaporizer once you get back home to your desktop or laptop. It’s very convenient!

Although it looks small, the Extreme Q has got a lot of power and can heat up quickly to whatever temperature you decide on. The heating element is not as intense as a Volcano but is still good at getting the desired temperature in about 20-30 seconds depending on what temperature setting you have chosen. I have found it perfectly adequate for my needs. The unit will heat up extremely fast and produces great vapour time after time!

What is the material for Arizer Extreme Q?

The Extreme Q is a multi-functional vaporizer that not only does it have three different ways of heating materials but has a glass stem to inhale. This means that you can now enjoy your aromatherapy blends through a water tool or even a balloon. The price difference between the water tool kit and simple glass-stem attachment is small and something I highly recommend investing in if you want to get the most out of your Extreme Q.

In terms of design, the Extreme Q is very minimalistic; it’s basically just a black container with an LCD screen on the top. It looks like a small game console from the 90s. It can easily fit into small pockets and purses. Being portable and compact, I really think the Extreme Q is one of the best desktop vaporizers for vapers of all levels! Since it is made out of plastic, it’s not as sturdy as some other vapes but that’s not to say that it’s weak nor flimsy.

What’s in the box of Arizer Extreme Q?

The Arizer extreme Q is shipped in a large and heavy box along with the following:

  • The device itself;
  • Glass bowl with screen;
  • Stovepipe adapter;
  • Chamber cleaning tool and lid;
  • Paper instructions.

Nothing is included in the box other than what’s listed above – no batteries, no warranty, no accessories. I believe it is best to buy your Extreme Q from a place that offers a warranty and good customer support just in case you run into any problems with your vaporizer.

How to operate the Arizer Extreme Q?

The vaporizer works in three ways: balloon, whip and mouthpiece. This is a very unique feature since most vaporizers only offer one way of inhaling the vapour. The Extreme Q does not heat up as much as other desktop vapes so you can use it for longer periods of time without getting that dry/white throat feeling. The Extreme Q also produces much cooler vapour than the other vapes on the market even though it uses an internal fan for cooling.