Car accidents are unfortunate events that deal with severe damages on the vehicle, injuries on the person. They can also cause emotional distress and remain a trauma for a long time. Although the accident has resulted in several losses, you can seek a claim for all the damages incurred as compensation in a fair settlement evaluated by the insurance after fighting with an attorney. Hence, in such cases, you are advised to get in touch with a Houston car accident attorney who can offer legal help with furthering the case and getting the best deal as a claim.

After contacting an insurance company for the claim, the insurance provider will appoint an insurance adjuster who would skim through the case and investigate from their side to ensure the accident details are authentic and there is no insurance fraud happening in the case. 

Determination of no-fault accidents:

  • Damage caused by the other party

If you are met with an accident caused by someone else, the injuries from the accident also act as evidence to claim that it was impacted due to the other party’s negligent act. Hence, the insurance company will determine that you got injured only by an accident that was not your fault which automatically labels the other party as the cause of the accident.

  • Avoided reasonable care while driving

Although you might not have caused the accident, the other party’s act should be established, which let him cause the accident in an unfortunate state. It can be determined by determining if the other party was using his mobile phone, eating while driving, or any behavior that is not entertained while driving on the roads. Usually, it will be self-announced by the at-fault party.

  • Did not follow traffic rules

The insurance company will not fail to determine that the accident had occurred only due to the other party’s negligence, so they will ensure to check if the other party diligently followed all the traffic rules, including good maintenance of his vehicle. 

Although you might be in a no-fault situation, the insurance company will fairly investigate the other party so that the entire procedure is legally done without crossing any limits. Therefore, if you have met with a no-fault accident, it is vital to have an attorney by your side. Only an attorney will give appropriate instructions on what legal steps you can take ahead.