Whether going for a walk or taking your kids to school, walking is a great way to exercise and free your mind. However, pedestrians are most vulnerable when they are on roads, and unfortunately, accidents occur even when you are extra careful. Pedestrians being hit by a car or any other vehicle can be a very traumatic experience. The physical and psychological effects can last for many days with a slow recovery rate. Therefore it is necessary to hire a Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers when you get hit by a vehicle.

How to file a claim for a pedestrian accident

From vehicles where the driver is negligent and hits pedestrians to motorists speeding and failing to stop at the red signal, there are many causes of pedestrian accidents. The fault can be of the driver or pedestrian and can cause several injuries to the people involved in the accident. You can file a claim for a pedestrian accident in several ways.

  • Police reports

The police personnel who arrive at the accident scene take statements from the driver, witnesses, and pedestrian to determine who was at fault. A police report will show which party was at fault in the accident. However, auto insurance companies often dispute such findings. They send their own adjuster to the scene to view and investigate the accident. If you believe that the insurance company is denying your lowering your compensation, it is best to hire a professional lawyer who will fight for you.

  • Insurance coverage for pedestrian accidents
  • Auto liability insurance

Pedestrians involved in a car accident can file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Almost every state requires the vehicle owners to carry liability insurance to cover any expense of personal injuries to the third person.

  • No-fault coverage

In no-fault states, the insurance companies must pay for the medical bills and lost wages of their policyholders, no matter who was at fault. This is also known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection).

The laws between states vary when it comes to compensating for injuries to pedestrians in no-fault states. In some states, the insurance company of the driver compensates for the amount of pedestrians’ medical bills upto the PIP limit. It does not matter if the fault was of the pedestrian. 

If your child gets injured in a pedestrian accident, we know how difficult for the parents to see them in pain. Just because your child is under 18 years of age does not mean they can not receive compensation; your lawyer will help you claim on their behalf.