It doesn’t matter what the situations are; divorce is painful and difficult. After all, you need to navigate a complex legal procedure in addition to financial and emotional challenges. Still, while every divorce is different, most follow a similar standard format. 

Selecting the right consultant is a crucial decision. Suppose you are searching for a lawyer for your divorce procedure in Tacoma. In that case, a Tacoma Divorce Attorney can help you clarify your responsibilities and rights and enable you to navigate the separation procedure. Here are the steps of how the procedure of divorce works.

Procedure of Divorce Spouses in Tacoma Need to Know

  1. File the Petition for Divorce

The divorce procedure begins with an appeal. Whether or not couples decide to separate one partner, the petitioner must file a legitimate appeal asking the judiciary to cease the marriage. The divorce petition should include the request for temporary court orders. 

Judiciaries know that waiting periods for a judge to complete separation is not reasonable in any situation. Therefore, the petitioner can ask the court for provisional orders considering spousal support, child support, and child custody when filing for separation.

  1. File Evidence of Service

After you request temporary orders and file for divorce, you need to give your partner a copy of the document and file a paper dubbed proof of service with the judiciary. 

This paper confides to the judiciary that you fulfilled the statutory provisions for providing your partner with a divorce petition’s copy. The judge cannot continue with a divorce lawsuit if you do not file the proof of assistance and serve your partner.

  1. Go for a Settlement

Unless your spouse and you agree on matters like property division, support, and custody, you will need to go for a settlement. The judiciary may plan a settlement meeting where your lawyers, spouse, and you meet to discuss the lawsuit. 

Sometimes, the court arranges the mediation with an impartial third party who can settle any remaining problems. Meditation is mandatory in some provinces. However, even when it’s not needed, it can be a helpful way to save stress, money, and time during the process. 

  1. Go to Trial, If Needed

If negotiations don’t work, the judiciary needs to step in, implying a separation trial. Usually, a divorce trial is carried out before a judge. However, it may happen in front of a tribunal in some lawsuits. 

Both parties present call witnesses and evidence to favor their lawsuits regarding property division, financial support, child custody, and other divorce-related topics in either case.