Is your child capable of writing a passage in its correct format, articulating ideas in the proper order? Is he/she able to properly comprehend everything they read out of the textbook? Just reading is not enough with the present competition in all fields. Preparing your children for the modern world requires a little more than what they get from schools.

This is where the role of reputed study enhancement programs like Write on Q comes in. With companies like Write on Q, it is perfectly possible to prepare your child for the competitive world out there.

What is an enrichment education program?

An enrichment education program is an after-school tuition scheme where the language skills of your child are improved with the help of expert language teachers. It is necessary because the school curriculum, as far as the English language is concerned, is very basic.

Your child needs to be trained in all four verticals of the English language, to excel in school, college and professional life.

What are the four verticals of language?

The main four aspects of any language, be it English, French or Japanese, are:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

These four verticals have to be mastered right from a young age to become successful in the modern world.

Your child might be able to read a text from the first word till last. They might even be capable of reading it fast and with proper pronunciations. But are they really able to comprehend what they read out of a text? This question needs to be answered in order to understand where your child stands in terms of reading abilities.

Similarly, the listening skills of your ward is crucial in becoming an expert in English. He/she might be listening to instructions and other detailed speeches, but how much they understand is something to be tested and found out.

Listening skills in your ward can affect the speaking skills they develop too. This is why kids should be properly trained right from a young age to properly listen and understand a language and then respond with the best possible answer.

Writing skills and speaking skills can be developed easily if your child has proper reading and speaking abilities. This is because if your ward can read and understand a text with its full meaning and gist, then he/she will be able to reproduce it while writing. The same goes for speaking as well. The better your ward is at listening skills, the better speaking skills he/she shall possess.

In short, give your child that extra push and enrol them in experienced language enhancement programs.