What is the most popular day to propose to a loved one? You might say Valentine’s Day, but Christmas Eve has also been the perfect evening to ask your loved one for decades. Jeweler is happy to give you some tips when buying an engagement ring. So it is the opportunity for you to shop now and have the best ones.

You want to propose to your loved one. Congratulations. There is no better seal of your love for each other. Christmas Eve or in a broader perspective, the holiday season is an excellent time to ask for the hand of your loved one.

According to the classical tradition, it is reserved for the bride to wear an engagement ring. But more and more couples are deciding that the groom should wear an engagement ring as a visible sign of love and solidarity wear. And who says that it always has to be the man who applies? If you are a confident and modern woman, then why not propose to you. Surprise your partner with a wonderful engagement ring. The masculine jewelry is of course also popular with men who live in a same-sex relationship and want to get engaged. Discover wonderful men’s rings for your engagement in our range. Decide between wonderful individual pieces or harmonious pairs of rings.

Striking and Masculine Design

The design of the men’s rings differs significantly from the ring variants for women. Straightforward, authentic and almost always without a gemstone: These are the characteristics that characterize the engagement ring for men. Most men not only do without diamonds or other precious stones in their ring, but you will also look in vain for elaborate decorations and engravings on most jewelry for men. But that does not mean that these are completely unadorned. The combination of different metals in the ring band is a design element that sets wonderful accents and gives the ring a very special character. The particularly popular men’s models in our range include rings made of 925 silver, titanium or black carbon. The men’s rings with a ring band made of 950 platinum are particularly elegant and exclusive. This precious metal not only looks fantastic, it is also particularly hard and resistant.

Special Sizes

Modern men’s rings made of silver, platinum or titanium are usually available in widths from 4 mm. So they are significantly wider than typical women’s rings. In the case of the variants for women, the width is usually in the range from 2.0 to 2.5 millimeters. Also, men’s hands are usually stronger and larger than women’s. That is why you will also find correspondingly large ring sizes in our range. But not only in the event that you or your partner have particularly large hands, but also for smaller and more delicate male hands, have we offered you the right ring size.

Order wonderful men’s engagement rings online

Discover the fascinating selection of simple engagement rings, ring pairs or partner rings in our range. Let yourself be fascinated by the distinctive and elegant design of the men’s rings from our range. You can also use the opportunity to have your dream ring engraved with your own individual symbols or lettering. If you would like advice or have questions about shipping, product range or materials, then we are at your disposal. Do not hesitate and give us a call or simply send us an email with your request.

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring, What’s The Difference?

How do they actually differ? How much do they both cost approximately? That is of course very personal, but in this blog article we try to present the best possible picture. First up, what actually makes a ring an engagement ring?

How Engagement Rings Have Changed Every Decade in the Past Century

What Makes A Ring An Engagement Ring?

How is it possible that a certain ring immediately looks like an engagement ring? In fact, anything could count as an engagement ring, as long as it’s proposing. Whether it’s a piece of rope that you get slid around your finger, a candy ring or a real sparkling diamond ring it doesn’t really matter that much. But we ladies prefer to see a real ring made of precious metal with a beautiful diamond. The classic engagement ring is the ‘solitaire ring’. These rings have a large stone and are made of gold or white gold. The stone is usually a diamond. Of course you don’t have to choose such an engagement ring. As mentioned, an engagement ring can be anything. Choose what suits you.

Which Is More Expensive, A Wedding Ring Or An Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is almost always more expensive than a wedding ring. This is because the engagement ring contains more pomp and circumstance than a wedding ring. Wedding rings are often smooth, without a stone. Although that is fine of course, it is again just what you like. You can make an engagement ring or wedding ring as expensive as you want.

Buy Simple Engagement Ring

Whether you go for a ring full of stones and diamonds or prefer a minimalistic one with little fuss: there is more than enough choice for every preference. It is not said that a simple engagement ring is cheaper, the quality of the materials and the diamonds also play a major role. Quality is something you want for the engagement ring, so don’t be surprised that a minimalist ring should cost little.

What Does An Engagement Ring Cost On Average?

Well, such an engagement ring: that’s an expensive joke. You must have heard that you had to spend a certain salary on it. Actually, that’s a crazy rule. It can be as expensive as you want it to be, but remember that you probably only buy an engagement ring once and it should last a lifetime. It may well cost a little more, but it doesn’t have to. Look especially at many different jewelers to get a good idea of ​​what an engagement ring costs approximately. Then decide what you want to spend on it and stick to it (is difficult.). There is always a perfect ring to be found in the budget that you have set yourself, even if it sometimes takes a little longer to find it. Good luck.