Do you know that 25% of vehicle crashes happen due to bad weather conditions, and 74% of those crashes occur due to wet roads caused by snow, rain, sleet, ice, or fog? You know that accidents can happen with anyone, but Portland car accident lawyers can help you deal with the legal aspect of your case but isn’t it better to avoid such accidents. So in this blog, you will read about tips for driving in wet weather.

Waiting is the best option.

It is always better to wait till the rainfall stops. Your vehicle tends to skid during rainfall, so a 15 to 20 minutes delay is much better than a car accident.

Check your car

You should check the car’s equipment such as headlights, windshield wipers, brakes, taillights, etc. Pay attention to the thread and air pressure of the tires.

Keep headlights on

Low beam headlights will help the other drivers know your presence, and they will also give you better visibility. So please turn on the headlights no matter whether it is daytime or nighttime. 

Slow Down

Decrease your speed while driving because during rainfall, and even if the rainfall stops, the wet roads can cause skidding of your vehicle. So to prevent any accident, it is better to control the speed of your car. A decrease of rate from 60 to 40 mph will reduce your stopping distance by 55%, which means you will be able to stop your vehicle more quickly.

Increase the distance from the vehicle present in front

Maintain at least 3 seconds distance when you drive at night or during rainfall or fog. It is preferable to keep a longer distance gap. Be cautious when a truck or a bigger vehicle is moving ahead of you. Try to keep as much distance as you can.

Windshield wipers and defogging the car windows

Use windshield wipers during rainfall to remove water from the windshield to have better visibility. Moreover, fogging can occur when the external temperature is less than the temperature inside, decreasing visibility, so defog your windows with front and back defrosters. 

Avoid using brakes during the hydroplane.

Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water comes between the road and the tires, thus causing a loss of traction. It can also cause the spinning of vehicles. Instead of using a brake, put your feet off the gas pedal.


Though accidents can happen at any time, you can prevent them by following some simple measures.