When playing casino games, especially slots, many gamblers employ various superstitious rituals and practices they believe influence results in their favor and bring good luck. But in the world of random number generators and calculated odds, do things like not changing a “lucky seat”, only playing on certain days, or blowing on dice work?

Lucky charms

Carrying or wearing items considered lucky like rabbit’s feet, four-leaf clovers, or lucky gems is a frequent superstition. But since all outcomes in casino games come down to randomly generated numbers, having a talisman on your person logically sways RNG results or alters programmed slot payout percentages over time. Still, if carrying a charm gives you a positive placebo effect, it doesn’t hurt.

Lucky numbers

Some players stick to betting “lucky” numbers like 7 and 13 on roulette based on personal significance or birthdates. But in true randomized casino games, all numbers have precisely the same probability of hitting on any given play. There are no universally lucky or unlucky figures, despite player beliefs. So while fun, sticking to favorite numbers provides no mathematical advantage.

Unlucky numbers

The flip side is avoiding “unlucky” numbers like 4 or 17, believing them to lose more often based on anecdotal experience. Again, all possible game outcomes are equally likely over time. The motives behind the numbers themselves have no bearing on the objective results produced by the software. So don’t fear any specific unlucky numbers!

Lucky dates and times

Gambling exclusively on fortuitous calendar dates tied to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays is a common hope for positive results. Days themselves cannot manipulate odds. And online casinos never sleep, so the time of day is irrelevant. Focus more on using dates as fun excuses to play rather than harbingers of bigger wins.

 Clothing colors

The players insist certain colors like red bring better new zealand online casino results, leading them to wear corresponding outfits while playing for luck. Random number generation detects the color you are wearing, however. Your tastes make no difference. But again, sporting a lucky color provides confidence.

Rituals before playing

Many gamblers have pre-game rituals they meticulously perform before each session, like rubbing the screen, clicking heels, or saying prayer fun superstitions, these actions only affect the player psychologically. They mysteriously reshape the game’s code to alter odds or payouts. So feel free to keep your traditions, but results rely on math.

 Changing seats or tables

When winning, some players refuse to leave their perceived lucky seats or slots in hopes of continuing the streak. But each independent spin or hand completely resets results, so staying put provides no mathematical advantage. However, remaining does avoid interrupting positive psychological momentum. Changing venues is perfectly fine though.

 Stopping play at big wins

After a big win, like a jackpot, some quit, believing their luck is used up. But wins are never “due” based on previous results. The odds instantly reset afterward. Quitting while you’re ahead money-wise is always smart. But from a pure probability standpoint, big wins don’t sap your future odds.