Brands have become more concerned today about how they market themselves and how that impacts the minds of the consumers. They are not limited to just advertising on traditional and social media and they are exploring more ways to hit the consumer’s minds. They have tried modifying the shelves and aisles and this has proven to be of enormous benefit to the stores.

The shelves leave a deep impact on the minds of all types of customers. Be it the ones who have a shopping list handed with themselves, or the ones who are impulsive buyers and like throwing the products in their baskets. The shelves also deeply impact the customers who have been associated with your store and brand for a long time now and are pretty much loyal to you. This is yet beneficial to the individuals who have just discovered your brand and store and want to try something new this time.

To all of the above types of customers, three stages are majorly applied to them during their buying cycle. They are listed down below:


When you are arranging your products in a store, you need to keep them in a position where they will be accessible to every type of customer. The shelves must be of the height of the customer’s eye level and this is how they will feel it compelling to purchase them. This is a major aspect which even media advertising cannot suffice. Also, if the products are easily accessible, almost every person visiting the store will be approaching them. Hence, the sales will rise automatically.

The decision mind-set

Marketing and advertising can influence the decisions of the consumers hugely. These are the techniques that you can use to drive their decisions once they enter the store, when they are inside it, when they are standing in front of the shelves or when they are buying. The shelving must be done in a way that will help them buy your product.

The last chance

You might have already gained the consumer’s trust over social media and they are not here yet to buy from you. Till this time, you have not achieved anything and hence, when they visit you, shelving is the last chance to draw their attention. It is the last point where you can make them choose you and not your competitor.

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